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Industrial manipulators and industrial grippers

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Everything for rolling & coil handling!
Reliable gripping and vacuum technology!
& Mobile devices for moving!

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Roll handling manipulator
Coil handling manipulator

STRÖDTER industrial manipulators have been used for handling for many years of wound materials (coils, slit strips and coils). paper films, Plastic foils, metal foils (copper, steel and stainless steel), metal strips and STRÖDTER offers plastic straps for the load range up to 600 kg.

STRÖDTER offers suitable solutions depending on the roll weight (coil weight), diameter and width, and the production requirements for handling the rolls (coils). Manipulator types as complete systems with roller grippers and swivel drives.

Lifting equipment for industrial production!

Types of manipulators

  • Standing column‑articulated arm−manipulator with pneumatic or electro‑hydraulic drives for individual workstations
  • Lifting axes‑manipulators (rail−movable) with ROLLYX‑aluminum‑smooth-running rail tracks for large hall areas

Roller gripper types

  • Mandrel tensioner for all wrapping sleeves (paper sleeves or plastic sleeves) holes e.g. Ø 3", 4", 6" as well as larger or smaller sleeve holes. The Mandrel clamps are also available as combination mandrel clamps for different winding tube diameters.
  • Rolls (coils) with materials that unintentionally quickly detach themselves (telescoping) receive additional tensioning devices to prevent roll telescoping.
  • STRÖDTER supplies special docking devices for docking the roll grippers to the winding shafts of roll winding machines, roll cutting machines and roll slitting machines.

Film roll production

Save costs with the right lifting equipment when transporting and handling the film rolls!
Film roll handling_ZYBAMAT_Stroedter_750.jpg
STRÖDTER Handling‑Manipulator
"ZYBA‑MAT" for handling film rolls

Film roll manufacturer

Film processors process large numbers of film rolls every day and thus lift and transport countless tons of roll material. For example Film roll manufacturers have to remove the rolls cut to roll width from the winding shaft on the Film roll winding machines and then to them Swivel the storage onto a transport pallet from the horizontal position to the vertical position by 90°. We also have portable manipulators for mobile use.

Film processors have to pick up the film rolls or paper rolls supplied by the manufacturer to produce packaging, swing them out of the flat position by 90° and To unroll the film, slide it onto an unwinding mandrel.

STRÖDTER Handling Technology has been supplying well-known manufacturers and processors of for many years Films with rollers‑handling manipulators.

For the worker, the rollers feel like they are in a floating state.

With the Rollers‑Manipulators the rolls can be gripped with a Rollers‑Gripping Tensioner in the Winding Sleeve and can be swiveled with a power-operated swivel device.

Roll handling with the manipulator is very simple, fast and therefore economical. The same technique is also for handling of rolls made of other materials in use. This STRÖDTER joint manipulator technology is also used for steel coil handling (slit strip).

Mobile Handling manipulator for lifting film rolls

Photo: Mobile manipulator for coils

Handling manipulator for lifting film rolls

Photo: Operation of the swivel device for castors on the handrail

Handling manipulator for lifting film rolls

Photo: STRÖDTER Ergomanipulator for roll handling

Hovering elevates the experience above lifting!
Handling manipulatorsfrom STRÖDTER
Lifting aids directly from the system supplier in B2B

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